IFS Fractal Generator

Make a cool-looking thing.

About the Generator

This Iterated Funtion System Fractal Generator was first conceptualized during an undergraduate Linear Algebra couse while writing Sage code to use matrices as affine linear transformations. Now this generator is able to give the user a more direct way to control the transformations that define their fractal. You can see a sample output here:

You can also look at the fractals that other people have made on the master list.

About the Code

This Iterated Funtion System Fractal generator uses Python on a Heroku server. You can install the leatest version of the ifsFractals Python module with pip:

~$ pip install ifsFractals --upgrade

take a look at the GitHub Repository (where you can find the README), or the PyPI release page. If you are trying to use ifsFractals in CoCalc or get an error about a read-only file system, use

~$ python3 -m pip install --user ifsFractals --upgrade

About Me

Please see PeterFrancis.tk for more information about me and ways to contact me.